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White River  

With one of the biggest changes on the White River in the last 20 years, minimum flow is now in place making the atmosphere fun and exciting. The fish are getting oxygen in the summer and a few new places to hide out that make it a drift boat and wade fishermans dreams in low water. Understanding the water flows are everything if you want to have a successful day on the White with a fly rod as tactics usually need to change as water levels rise and fall. We've had some nice strikes on hoppers still but the majority of our fish were caught dropping nymphs under indicators. Soft hackles, copper Johns, pheasant tails and midges all work well on the White if drifted properly. As for dry flies, there are a few takes on the top with small parachutes and tiny caddis but not enough to warrant a lot of effort. To see water generation on the White River, click here!  


Norfork River 

The Norfork River has been fishing good when the White doesn't keep our attention, which is usually always. Presentation and drift are usually the keys to catch more fish on the Norfork and the smaller the imitation the better we have found. Its been busy on the Norfork River lately and plenty of presentations have been drifted by the world record fish that call this water its home.  Plenty for the smaller stockers too as the river is only 5 miles long and traffic often time detours us on our trips. The longer you take to float it, the higher the number of fish are taken so in low water we get out and take our time stealthily and sneakily approaching the fish via wading using attractor dropper patterns or nymph setups.  In higher water, we ride the wave and drop more weight usually in the form of Tungsten beadheads or streamers with sink tip. To see water generation on the Norfork River, click here!   


Dry Run Creek 

What more can you say about Dry Run Creek.  The only time its not good is if the government shutdown keeps the Norfork National Fish Hatchery from stocking its feeder stream. Located just next to the hatchery, Dry Run Creek is the perfect place to bring a child to learn fly fishing. Anything from San Juan worms to dropping nymphs or egg patterns will do the trick every time.  All we can say about fishing Dry Run Creek is bring your camera!